The Relic Hearts Mission

Let's be honest, at any given point in time, there are thousands of solo artists, bands, DJ's, or music projects in the world. Every one of them with a spark, some more genuine than others, trying to ignite a connection between everyone in the world that hits play, and releases them into a world created through their music.

Relic Hearts is more than just a band in that right, and is most certainly more than just a shirt you wear to celebrate enjoying our music. Relic Hearts is an understanding that inside each and every one of our hearts is a fire so truly tangible and explosive, often unprotected, that exists simply to scream in the face of adversity, "I will be what I know in my heart I am."

We go to great lengths to bring to life the vision of our music through our apparel. Each shirt an extension of the will of our hearts, each hoodie a representation that it's time to wake up and live your dreams. 

Everyone we collaborate with on new designs or new creations is someone who shares that vision, and together we want to share that vision with you.

Our apparel is always printed on the latest and greatest, and built specifically to give you supreme comfort and reliability in knowing that no matter where life takes you in our gear, you're ready for it.

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Keep on dreaming.